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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Home Improvement Progresses....

Roof tear off - check. 
Took Michael & Roofer Bill all day.  A hot and dirty day.  I even got up there at the end of the day to help pull nails (admittedly, only for about 45 mins).  Michael's part done - thankfully.  Rest is up to Roofer Bill.

Felt paper down - check.  And PV track bolts set, ready for flashing - check.

This was over day 2 and 3.

Shingles & bolt flashing installed - check.

This (with, as you may well imagine, lots of banging around right over our heads) continued day 4, 5 and 6.  (Hey, things (a) take longer in Hawaii; (b) take longer with a one-man crew; and (c) take longer when the sun is out and it's something like 600 degrees upon the roof.)

Day7:  New roof finally done.  Amen!  We have these passive roof vents at each interval and an end gable so the hot air can flow out.  Ahhhhh.
Now just waitng for Maui Electric to approve our permit for the PV Solar.  As you can imagine,they are in no hurry to allow us to stop paying them a fair chunk of money monthly.... But, it's in process.

And the good news is, that pounding over head has stopped!

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  1. Excedrin Headache # 1. I can relate to that. Glad that is finished. Want it cool when we visit. he-he-he