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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Update Schmupdate....

Where have we been?

Busy, I guess.

Busy going out on the sailing canoe one Sunday morning out of Wailea Beach.  Just enough wind and chop to get us up to 10 knots a couple of times during our hour or so on the water.  So much fun, scrambling around from seat to trampoline, shifting the weight on the boat as we tack out and sail (fly!) back.

Busy volunteering at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center (MACC).  Michael and I worked at the James Taylor concert one night.  Then a week later we worked the Atmosphere / SOJA concert (rap and reggae stylings).  Perhaps needless to say, quite a different crowd from one week to the next.  But fun (and hard work!) nonetheless.  Both of these were outdoor events on the Pavilion lawn.  We have yet to work an indoor theater event.  Stay tuned!

Busy out on the Trilogy catamaran, participating in the Blue A'ina reef clean up snorkeling excursion.  This turned out to be a wonderful 3+ hours out on the gorgeous waters off of Lahaina, snorkeling the expansive Olowalu reef.  While Michael and I (or several of our friends also on the trip)  didn't actually find and clean up any trash (that's good news, right?), the divers on our boat were able to retrieve a very large fishing net that had been tangled in the reef (we didn't see it, but it was described as almost surgical removal, as they had to cut it away to avoid further damage to the reef and coral).
Reef "in distress"

See net piled up on surfboard.  YAY!
We did have a great snorkel - lots of fish, endless varieties of coral, a turtle speeding by, even a small octopus.  And riding on the cat was big fun!

And I'm busy heading out two times a week to a new job.  Yes, I have added a new client to my portfolio - the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (www.hilt.org).  I am the new Finance Manager for this non-profit organization, whose mission is:  "To protect the places that sustain us for current and future generations."   I work about 10 hrs/week for them, adding to my 30 hrs/week with the California law firm and other clients.  It's accounting I enjoy, it's great to get out of the house and I'm proud to work for an organization that does good, important work.

Oh, and my commute to the new job?  The office is Wailuku, which is about 1/2 hour away, across the island.  About 1/2 way there, I come over this slight rise and there laid out before me is the beautiful northern coastline.  I can see Kahului harbor and the horizon is nothing but blue Pacific.  Then coming home, again about 1/2 way, I crest a different little rise and there's Ma'alaea Bay with Molokini & Kaho'olawe in the background.  And all the while I'm cradled between the majestic Haleakala on the one side and the dramatic West Maui mountains on the other.

Are we tired of living on this island?  Not yet.