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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

And the Results of the Kitchen ....

... will be coming to you right after this commercial break.

Sorry folks, we are not 100% done yet.  What is done is fabulous!  We are so happy.  But I want to wait for the whole enchilada before sharing pics of the Final Reveal.   Consider this Tantric Remodeling.

Meanwhile, we do have  sneak peek at a couple of way cool features.

We now have a couple of great, deep drawers.  So my plates & bowls are now knee level, so easy to get to!

Because cabinet space is now at a premium (remember, we lost an entire wall), I had to do some avant garde thinking.  This came to me at 3:00 in the morning after struggling with how best to address spices.  So here is my not yet entirely anal retentive spice drawer solution.
Picture is upside down, the spices are not.
I'm thinking of alphabetizing them.  That will be full blown OCD / Anal Retentive.

And the super cool "blind corner pullout".

Open the cabinet door & you can see 1/2 of the shelf unit.  Simply pull it out and over, then pull out 2nd shelf unit (super, easy glide hardware)  And voila!

You can easily see & reach everything that is otherwise tucked way back & away in the deep dark corner cabinet!

Finally - in the true spirit of a commercial break - here is a picture of someone's pet pot-bellied pig at the beach park.

Meanwhile stay tuned for the Series Grand Finale.  Now back to our regularly scheduled programming....

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