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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Extreme Makeover - Haiku Style.....

Well, maybe not television quality, but a huge difference none the less.

We have finally finished cleaning up and rehabbing the horrific mess that was our 2-bedroom unit in Haiku.  Here are a couple of  "before" and "after" illustrations:


... Now

Nice what fresh paint, new flooring, new carpeting, new window coverings, new screens, new kitchen cabinets, new bathroom cabinet, new closets, a couple of lightbulbs, hours of work, buckets of money, numerous trips to various stores, gallons of disinfectant, a good scrub brush and a shovel can do for a place!

And (drum roll....) as of 1 August - we have new tenants in the studio and the 2-bedroom.  So we currently have no vacancies!  A full house!  A hale full of rent-paying tenants!  What a concept!!

We have our weekends and evenings back.  No more schlepping up to Haiku two and three times a week to clean and fix and repair and install and spruce up and clean some more.  Now we just need to keep an eye on our tenants and hope that we have made good choices in them.  So far so good.  Of course, I am aware  that it is only August 2nd......

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